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Asset Management

Built On Trust

The best investments come from the balance between 3 basic vertices: customer intimacy, operational excellence and product leadership.

This is the meaning of Sixty Degrees, the exact measure of the three angles that create a perfect triangle.


Sixty Degrees is a private company set up in 2019 and born from an understanding that the investment management landscape not only has radically changed in recent years but will keep evolving fast.


We share a common vision based on bringing together complementing experiences. This is the basis of our investment management philosophy — clear, transparent and unbiased — which aims at using the power of capital markets to sustainably increase or preserve your financial assets.


Clients need only to invest with us: assessing and managing investment risks will always be up to the professional management team. An outstanding level of service void of conflicts of interest will always be present.


The client’s and Sixty Degrees’ interests will always travel together. Only good and positive fund performance will be rewarded.

One angle,
three vertices

We believe great investments come from long-lasting relationships, best asset management practices and permanent alert against unexpected risks. 

One angle, three vertices

Reasons why Customer Intimacy, Operational Excellence and Product Leadership are the principles at the vertices of our triangle, creating a perfect balance of equal sized angles: Sixty Degrees.

Guarantees and best practices

Sixty Degrees is a Lisbon-based investment management company supervised by the Bank of Portugal (under no. 343) and the CMVM, the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (under no. 395).