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Sixty Degrees Ações Portugal

invest in portuguese companies

The SIXTY DEGREES AÇÕES PORTUGAL fund invests predominantly in companies listed on the Lisbon stock exchange (Euronext Lisbon), with an investment strategy based on three pillars:

Fund Performance

Sixty Degrees Ações Portugal

NAV per Share Performance - Share Class I (EUR)
Data updated at - last valuation date

Exposure by Sector

Largest Holdings- Top 5

Performance and Returns – Share Class I

1st Trim.2nd Trim.3rd Trim.4th Trim.Year
2021 - 5,0000€ 1,05% 5,0526€ 1,18% 5,1121€ 2,24%
2022 5,28% 5,3821€ 3,88% 5,5909€ -12,03% 4,9182€ 6,62% 5,2439€ 2,58%
2023 6,09% 5,5630€ 0,67% 5,6003€ 5,57% 5,9121€ 1,83% 6,0205€ 14,81%
2024 -0,82% 5,9711€ - - - -0,82%
Performance since the fund launched at 10/09/2021 19,42%
Data updated at 16/02/2024

The shaded area of the scale above highlights the fund's (share class I, R and T) risk classification based on the Summary Risk Indicator (ISR). The ISR indicator is a guideline on the level of risk of this product when compared to other products. It shows the likelihood that the product will suffer financial losses in the future due to market fluctuations.

Low Risk High Risk
Potentially lower gains Potentially higher gains
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

12.81% Value-at-Risk (VaR)

For a 99% confidence level, VaR (%) represents the maximum loss of the Fund's share classe I current portfolio within 30 days.

13.39% Annualized volatility

The annualized volatility rate (%) is a risk indicator that measures the standard deviation of the Fund's share class I daily returns since its launch date.
Data updated at 16/02/2024

This information concerns the investment fund’s share class I managed by Sixty Degrees SGOIC, SA and does not dispense the reading of the respective constitutive documents: Fund prospectus and fundamental information for investors (IFI) are available at www.sixty-degrees.com without any burdens or charges.


The values ​​refer to past recorded returns that do not consider income tax on redemptions (net of management fees and depositary), so they do not constitute any guarantee of future returns since the value of the investment may increase or decrease depending on the funds level of risk at that time. Sixty Degrees warns that, as a rule, greater profitability is associated with a higher level of risk. Profitability would only be obtained if the investment was made during the entire reference period. The value of 1 fund share may increase or decrease depending on the valuation of the assets that make up the fund holdings, which may imply loss of invested capital.

General information

Share Class I Share Class R Share Class T
Inception date 10/09/2021 21/10/2021 05/12/2023
Bloomberg ticker 60DACPT PL 60DACPR PL -
Fund type Equity fund
Investment region Portugal
Currency EUR
Income policy Capitalization
Recommended holding period 3 years
Depositary bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos, S.A.

Fees and settlement cycles

Share Class I Share Class R Share Class T
Subscription fee 2.00% 2.00% 5,00%
Redemption fee 0.50% up to 90 days after subscription 0.50% up to 90 days after subscription Not applicable
Transfer fee Not applicable
Management fee 1.25% p.a. 1.75% p.a. 0.75% p.a.
Performance fee Not applicable
Depositary fee 0.13% p.a. or 0.12% p.a. AUM's over EUR 20 million
Supervision rate 0.0012% p.m. (min. 100€ e max. 12,500€)
Research costs Maximum 0.10% p.a.
Stamp duty de Research: 4% of management, performance and depositary fees and research costs
Settlement (subscriptions) 2 business days
Settlement (redemptions) 5 business days

Investment and valuation

Share Class I Share Class R Share Class T
Pricing type Unknown (D+1)
Cut-off time 2:00pm
Minimum investment amount € 250,000 € 250 € 250
Subsequent subscriptions (min) € 1,000 € 25 € 25
Minimum maintenance amount Minimum between the product of the value of the last share unit published and the number of shares equivalent to €250,000, calculated at the date of the first subscription, and €250,000. The number of shares equivalent to €250,000 is adjusted whenever redemptions occur. - -
Valuation date 16/02/2024
NAV per share 5,9711€ 5,5874€ 4,8465€

Cenários de Desempenho:

Este quadro mostra o montante que pode receber ao longo dos próximos 3 anos (período de detenção recomendado), em diferentes cenários, pressupondo que investe 10,000€.

Os cenários apresentados ilustram qual poderá ser o desempenho do seu investimento. Pode compará-los com os cenários de outros produtos. Os cenários apresentados são ilustrações baseadas em resultados do passado e em determinados pressupostos. Os mercados poderão evoluir de forma muito diferente no futuro. O cenário de stress mostra o que poderá receber numa situação extrema dos mercados e não inclui a situação em que o produto não está em condições de lhe pagar.

Os valores apresentados incluem todos os custos do próprio produto.

Sixty Degrees

Segregated portfolio

The SIXTY DEGREES AÇÕES PORTUGAL is a Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS), whose assets are exclusively client’s property, segregated from the assets of both Sixty Degrees and the depositary bank.

Depositary Bank and the CMVM

Protecting the client’s assets is a priority for Sixty Degrees. We have selected a robust depositary totally independent from Sixty Degrees. The bank is responsible for keeping/recording, supervising and guaranteeing the fund’s assets in accordance with the law and the fund’s prospectus.

The SIXTY DEGREES AÇÕES PORTUGAL fund is authorised and supervised by the CMVM (Portuguese Securities Market Commission).