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A simple and fast online process

Open an account with Sixty Degrees

Before starting, make sure you have:

1. ID Card or Passport
2. Proof of address (Ex.: electricity, water or TV invoice…) – File saved on mobile phone;
3. Proof of profession (Ex.: salary receipt, permanent certificate) – File saved on mobile phone;
4. Proof of IBAN bank account – File saved on mobile phone.

We recommend that you carry out the process using a smartphone due to the quality of image capture.

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Become a Sixty Degrees investor in a simple and quick online process by following these steps:

Step 1

Read and accept the pre-contractual information documents.

Step 2

Fill in personal information for account creation.

Step 3

When requested, scan your citizen card or passport with your mobile phone.

Step 4

Fill in the data and send the receipts, previously recorded on the mobile phone.

Step 5

Questionnaire to assess your financial knowledge and risk appetite.

Step 6

Validation of the investor’s identity, by capturing a live image with the mobile phone camera.

Step 7

After validation of all the data by Sixty Degrees, you are ready to log in and start investing.

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